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Soffit & Fascia Repair

Soffit & Fascia Repair

From the ground, what looks like a simple matter of repainting your commercial building’s soffit and fascia can actually be an indication of rot and water damage that could start reaching into the rafters and roof. When damaged by water, the soffit and fascia need the attention of a skilled contractor who can carefully repair, seal, caulk, and paint them for a seamless look and full protection from future problems. Left long enough, critters and the elements can infiltrate the eaves and roof of your commercial building, creating the opportunity for more extensive damage to your rafters, roof decking, ceilings, and more. The fascia and soffit repair professionals at Capital Maintenance can either repair your existing fascia and soffit or replace them. We can repair all soffit and fascia damage and make your roof overhang look like new again, while also identifying the root cause of the damage.

The fascia covers your commercial building’s rafters and protects the internal structures of your roof. The soffit covers the area running underneath the fascia to the outside wall of your building. Both are critical components in protecting your roof structure from the elements while venting air and moisture away from the inside your commercial building. Soffits and fascia are the part of your roof that is the most easily affected by water damage from cluttered, damaged gutters, as well as by insects and nesting birds and animals. If you suspect a problem with your commercial property’s soffit or fascia, call Capital Maintenance as quickly as possible to help protect your business.

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