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Interior and exterior trim can add a new element of beauty and elegance to any home. Capital Maintenance can install interior and exterior trim, ensuring a professional quality fit and appearance. Our contractors can even paint your interior and exterior trim you currently have for a nice touched-up look to make them appear new again. You won't even have to worry about cleaning up the mess because we do the work for you.

Installing interior and exterior trim properly is important for adding both value and style to your home. Interior and exterior trim is a nice addition to any part of your house. Interior and exterior trim can separate the wall from the ceiling as well as doors from the wall and adds definition to areas of the wall. Interior and exterior trim can be placed anywhere from the floor to the ceiling of the wall, around doors and windows inside and outside your home, or even in the middle of a wall to add demission.

Whether you need help installing new trim or painting your interior and exterior trim you currently have, a trained professional contractor from Capital Maintenance will do the job right. Contact Capital Maintenance today at 304-531-8097 or fill out our FREE Estimate Form.

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