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Staining is a great way to make your interior and exterior wood decor really stand out. Staining brings out the natural elegance of your wood structure, cabinetry, and trim within your workspace. Not only does it make the wood look great by changing the color and enhancing the natural grain, but staining also protects your wood from mold, mildew, and the other effects of aging. Capital Maintenance provides quality interior and exterior staining services for business owners throughout the Ripley WV, Teays Valley WV, Huntington WV, Charleston WV, and surrounding communities around the Tri-State.

Capital Maintenance offers many commercial building improvement services to business owners. One of those services is wood staining. The benefits of wood staining are both functional and aesthetic. Wood staining is used for decks, siding, window frames, trims, gazebo, arbors, pergola, railing, and any other wooden surfaces that need to be protected and/or colored. Because trees are a natural product, different woods will react differently to the various stains and techniques, even if it’s the same type of wood. With years of experience in the industry, we get the job done right the first time, with prompt and affordable service.

Applying a wood stain to untreated or sanded wood surfaces is highly recommended to protect lumber from the damaging effects of the weather. Wood staining brings out the richness of the woods grain and texture for a natural, beautiful finish. Capital Maintenance has extensive experience working with interior and exterior wood staining and varnishing, and we can help you with professional recommendations on what will look the best in your workspace. We take our time in the work we do.  Our wood staining team will expose the beauty of the natural wood grain. A professional wood stain job will add both life and vitality to your interior and exterior wood, giving you, your employees, and your clients years of enjoyment and added memories.

Your interior and exterior wood wears down over time. Dry wind, rain and moisture, sunshine, and freezing temperatures will cause wood to rot, warp, and discolor. Add to that dirt, mold, algae, stains, and other components, and over time your deck and interior trim will lose both its beauty and its strength. To help protect and beautify your interior and exterior wood, contact Capital Maintenance today at 304-531-8097 or fill out our FREE Estimate Form.

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